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Allschoolstuff reports 3X growth with phenomenal selling through Facebook, the largest e-tailer of educational and school supplies in India has been witnessing an upsurge in demand for its offerings as the school season advances. Since its beta rollout last year, it has been registering a 3X growth month-on-month, in terms of orders and sales. According to Manoj Chandra, Founder & CEO,, the company has closed nearly 300 orders through its Facebook Page on a single day last week.

Speaking more about the growing popularity of, Chandra said “On Friday we have touched the mark of 50,000 likes on Facebook. In order to celebrate this landmark, we offered an exciting promotion to our fans and received an overwhelming response of nearly 300 orders”.  Looking at the number of transactions which AllSchoolStuff had closed in just 5 hours through Facebook, it seems it is one of the few companies which have learnt the secret formula of selling on Facebook. In the past, we had reported about ShopClues phenomenal selling on Facebook.

Answering the question about strategies which led to such selling on Facebook, Chandra reiterated “Our social community is developing very well and we see large number of parents joining us to know more about Allschoolstuff’s vast range of educational supplies and new and innovative products. Consequently, consumers are rejoicing in the convenience of India’s 1st School Supplies Store. At the same time, we believe this community will continue to grow as we reach out to all corners of the country”.

Throwing light on future of the educational supplies category in the Indian ecommerce ecosystem, Chandra pointed out that this category is so far untapped and under serviced, however, consumers are now rejoicing the offering and ease which Allschoolstuff offers throughout the country.

Sharing the secret formula of Allschoolstuff’s social approach, Chandra said “social media is like a crop which needs to be nurtured very cautiously for optimum productivity. Right from our debut on social media front, we have tried hard to keep our fans engaged and involved with us. Our community is growing by 5-6 Fans every minute now.

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