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Exclusive: eBay sees significant rise of women shoppers, Mobile assistance commerce set to rewrite Indian online journey

muralikrishnan B

Muralikrishnan B Country Manager, eBay India

In an Exclusive interaction with iamwire, Muralikrishnan B, Country Manager, eBay India pointed at three strong online shopping trends that eBay India has been witnessing over last few months. According to Muralikrishnan, “More women shoppers are shopping with increasing shop value at eBay across categories like Jewellery, Kitchen & Home appliances, Home, Décor & Furnishing”.  Currently some of the industry experts estimate that around 35 to 40 percent women shop over internet. Muralikrishnan also added that it is a welcome and significant trend for etailing in India too as women are more compulsive, social and loyal shoppers by behavior.

“If you look at categories in ecommerce in India around 70 percent is electronic (including camera mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc) and remaining 30 percent of sales is contributed by rest of the categories, unlike international markets which show reverse trend where electronics category contributes 30 to 40 percent and remaining by other categories. However, I believe that apparel, Jewellery & diamond, clothing and accessories and other lifestyle products will experience fair amount of traction by 2012”.

In 2011, eBay India has launched mobile applications across different platforms, throwing light about contribution of mobile apps, Muralikrishnan said that mobile assistance commerce seems to be catching fast and at eBay India we have been experiencing consumers crave for search and research before arriving at actual purchasing decision. With the increasing penetration of smart phones and especially affordable android based smart phones, mobile ecommerce applications will certainly encourage the search & research phenomenon within the shoppers.

Talking about outlook of social media and ecommerce (excluding online travel) in 2012, Muralikrishnan said, “undoubtedly, social media offers wide opportunities for ecommerce, however I think it is of no use if companies are not engaging and addressing consumer’s concerns effectively. Through social media, eBay stresses to understand the consumer’s need and preference continuously and imbibing them into company’s product and service delivery. Increasingly, consumers prefer social networks like Facebook and Twitter to voice their concerns and complaints hence these mediums can be leveraged upon to have better consumer connect. Acknowledging the consumer’s concerns without annoying them, and prompt complaints addressable mechanism, are two key areas that I would advise entrepreneurs in ecommerce space to focus upon”.

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