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Komli Media ventures in to real time bidding ad space with Atom

Komli Media, one of the leading digital media network platform enabling advertisers has launched Real Time Bidding (RTB) enabled performance Ad platform – Atom. Official Press release of the company states that it is a disruptive technology that allows media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase online ad inventory on an impression by impression basis, reaching precise audience at scale and marketers across the Asia Pacific region to communicate with their audiences and helping publishers to grow their revenues with better optimization and campaign planning.

Mumbai based Atom is a real time performance ad platform, provides access to over 10 billion ad impressions per month, over 90 percent reach into India’s online audience  and coverage across hundreds of thousands of publishers including over 50% of the top 200 publishers in India. With Real Time Bidding capability on ATOM, businesses can get leverage with high quality inventory, massive inventory volume, and precise audience buys, in turn driving significantly higher ROI on clients’ campaigns.

Speaking on the launch, Gulshan Verma, Komli Media’s Vice President and Country Head, Media network, India and North America said, “The promise of 1-to-1 marketing is beginning to be realized by marketers. Some of our customers are already seeing the benefit of only paying for the impression they want. For example: An online e-commerce client witnessed a 79% increase in its conversion rate using RTB through Atom and a software client enjoyed a 71% click through rate improvement.  This has also benefited our publishers – While achieving these results for marketers, we have also been able to increase some of publisher’s in excess of 70%”

Komli Media‘s Atom platform seems to compete against Zedo’s ZINC however it only features premium guaranteed inventory for advertisers and marketers offering an open bidding platform, selling inventory primarily to the country’s leading newspapers and financials.

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