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Google+ brand’s pages on search results; 77% of the top 100 brands now have Google +1 app

google plusOn November 7 Google unveiled its Google+ Pages; offering brands the ability to manage their social media presence in the Google+ network. After it’s much awaited nod for creating Google + pages for business, brands moved fast to create Google+ Pages.

The past month experienced continued adoption of Google+ pages by the top 100 brands. It has witnessed a major increase in followers of Google+ pages for these brands, which Google refers to as “in circles”, emphasizing their circles feature to flexibly control groups and sharing of information on Google+. Here is the snapshot of the recent study and journey of Google + globally conducted by BrightEdge, a San Mateo based SEO platform.

Google+ Adoption

Adoption continues to leap forward, as of this report’s publishing date 77% of the top 100 brands now have Google+ pages, closing the gap to Facebook. This is up from 61%, representing an increase of 17% of top 100 brands setting up a Google+ page in the last month.

• 16 of the top 100 brands turned on Google+ pages in the last month

• Brands like Google, IBM and Vodafone have a Google+ page but no official Facebook page

• Marlboro continues to have neither a Google+ nor Facebook Page Adoption rate in % by top 100 brands on Google + & Facebook globally –











Adoption rate in % by top 100 brands on Google + & Facebook globally – Source: BrightEdge

In past one month, the number of people in circles with the top 100 brands increases by over 50%, from 147k to 222k. However, Google continues to have the largest fan contingent of any brand on Google+, having attracted more than 77,000 in circles

Google + Circles facts:

• Starbucks nearly quadrupled their social followers in the last month

• Two brands, H&M and Pepsi broke into 20,000+ people in circles

Meanwhile, for the first time ever, Google has embedded Google+ pages from brands on their dominant search engine’s results page. This increases exposure of brands’ Google+ pages to the billions of people using Google search around the globe. In addition the new placement of G+ pages includes promotional messages from brands, allowing them tremendous exposure to potential customers.

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