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Google may jump in to online retail, in talks with Macy & Gap

With each passing day online retail is expanding and to tap the ever growing e-tail market, the web-giant Google may join sooner than later.  Internet powerhouse Google is in talks with major retailers about an online shopping service that would deliver purchases to buyers within 24 hours, according to a report of The Wall Street Journal.

Google has pitched the project to big retailers that it has teamed up with in the past, a group that includes Macy’s Inc., Gap Inc. and OfficeMax Inc. Google  have approached us with the idea, but we haven’t made any decisions informed a Macy’s spokesman.

Recently, Google also launched, which uses special visual-recognition technology to recommend apparel, or “soft goods,” to shoppers. Google is keeping its eyes on Amazon, as they have belligerently marketed its e-readers for the past few years. Amazon has consistently handled between three and four times as many product-related searches on its site as Google has through its product-search service, according to research firm comScore Inc.

Few months back, Google had made its debut in daily deal space in US with services alike Groupon, LivingSocial and AmazonLocal  and has since expanded to markets such as San Francisco, San Diego, New York City, Boston and Washington. Some analysts believe that Google Offers plans to outperform its rivals by integrating deals throughout its other products.

Amazon has been gaining ground in the online advertising market as shoppers use the online retailer’s website for searches instead of Google or other services. Online ads are Google’s main source of revenue. Amazon’s influence is growing with the allure of online videos and other content for Prime members. Google has been weighing into the online retail market with features such as coupons for deals at local businesses and Android smartphones that can double as electronic wallets to pay in stores.

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