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Getit launches, an online interface for offline malls across India

After local search, free classifieds and hot deals, Get It launches GetitMalls, an online interface to the virtual malls across the country. Primarily serves the Mall-mongers to locate malls and its offering in metros including tier 2 and 3 cities. It aggregates information about malls, its retailers and ongoing promotional schemes including list of amenities in specific mall, listings under particular store.

The website looks simple yet effective for a shopper to locate malls, aware about ongoing promotion in malls and stores. It offers search filters like search by location, brand and mall. While navigating through the website we have found the location based search available for 45 cities and brand filter has also been helpful to locate stores inside the malls. On website’s home page users can also select specific category like apparel, automobile, digital products including 17 other categories. In order to locate malls at click users can refer Google’s map blocks featured on the website.

Apart from online navigation it also has call center that works 24*7. offers free listing of malls across the country, however it features premium listing such as feature mall on home page, category search, video walkthrough of the mall, CEO’s speak and event listing for a calendar year.

Undoubtedly, the service would provide online presence of offline malls and stores. It also gives malls and single branded retailers under it to build online visibility among tech-savvy consumers.

Getit seems to be very instrumental in launching online properties as it has already ventured in to local search, classifieds, hot deals, wedding portal and finally an online interface to offline mall.

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    Getit needs to learn to make a product full functional and then move to next. This is basically due to very less technology knowledge and people doing the job are from background of little online exposure. Keeping multiple things incomplete would only fetch them bad name, like the past.

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