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New addition to competitive online fashion market as launched

fashionatclickIf you feel addicted to a high that you get from shopping then there is good news for you as new portal dedicated for fashion and design has been launched.  The website have featured new season collections, which include printed dresses, tunics, soft constructed jacket and eclectic jewellery by different designers across India.

Speaking about the Fashionatclick, the young entrepreneur behind this e-commerce venture, Manvi Singh said, “We’ve created this extensive platform, which caters to the growing need for fashion accessories and clothing and design from India.”

The portal is home to a range of high-quality collections created by some of the most talented designers in the region, who offer creations that are individual, expressive and elegant.

Joining the e-commerce market in August 2011, the website has catered to the strong regional demand for luxury and contemporary fashion designs. To meet the needs of their growing customer base, have selected designers who come up with an impressive lineup of fashion brands, in addition to unveiling a range of new collections.

” We have various start up brands like chemical love, NY.lon, Trepblic, Guilt, outhouse that are dedicated to innovate and derive their inspiration from the international fashion trends. We learnt quite early that Internet shoppers, especially in the metro cities in India, are also perusing the web for stylish designer finds that patrons wouldn’t normally find in their local malls,” added Singh.

The offerings by constitute of its in-house brand  Chemical Love as well as a mix of other brands. Products available at this website include shirts, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, coats and accessories for women. Ranging from linen, cottons, jersey, wool and knit, it offers a wide variety of fabrics to choose from all year round.

Responding to question on how Fashionatclick is different from many other e-commerce sites, ”  We sell trends, not brands’. We try to sell our products through the emerging runway celebrity trends. We are trying to reach the smallest towns and cities of india to make fashion available to everyone. Our products are priced from 400-4000, serving all classes o the society. We have styles for a school going girl to a college going girl, to a working woman and a mother, focusing on the age group from 16 to 40,” concluded Singh.



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