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Consumer centric startup Tyche’d gets launched, helps ecommerce to leverage power of social graphs

Mumbai based consumer centric startup Tyched Web Services unveils its social discovery platform, Tyche’d – The Social Wishlist! ( Tyche’d allows its users to share purchase intents with friends; and discover people from their social graph wanting to buy similar products and services in their own location. It provides consumers an opportunity to connect with more buyers and aggregate demand from their social graph enabling self-service group buys without depending on deal enablers or intermediaries. The platform presently focuses on high-indulgence and high-purchase involvement categories such as travel, gadgets, electronics, real Estate and automobiles.

Tyche’d intends to equip commerce to leverage Social Graphs by connecting buyers with more buyers, thus inclining the power of negotiation in hands of consumers. It would compete against companies like BuythePrice offering similar features and services. The venture is being founded by Pravin Jadhav, erstwhile Product & Marketing Head at Ohana Media and Kulin Shah, former senior investment manager at Reliance Venture Asset Management.

While going through Tyche’d website, we have found feature like countries live which provides the list of countries for which Tyche’d has specific local level information for the selected cities mentioned. Consumers will see contextual information for enhanced experience. Cities/Countries are selected based on user of Tyche’d. When users from any particular city exceeds a threshold, the city will be added to Tyche’d. At present, it has allowed users from 12 countries to build and create their wishlists and discover others from their location who can buy with them.

Giving more information about Tyche’d business model, Pravin Jadhav, Founder, Tyche’d said “Tyche’d connects a prospective buyer with more buyers thereby shifting the power of negotiation to consumers. Social graphs for people are now established, we are building social graphs for purchase intents & user interests in a very local context. With users spending more time on social networks, social discovery platforms are strong contenders to search”.

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    Thanks for covering us. Just adding a note – Tyched does not compete with any online ecommerce portal from India or any other location. Our focus is to enable offline transactions by aggregating demand online across 12 countries.

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