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Walmart to start innovation lab in Banglore

Walmart, a leading retailer worldwide, has been competing with online retailer Amazon and trying to improve how its customers shop over Internet, according to a report published in Economic Times. The company would begin its innovation lab in India to shape its next generation of innovations in the field of shopping behavior.

Walmart labs, which employs about 70- 80 people in United States will be located in Bangalore and is likely to drive talent from companies like Amazon, Google and Yahoo that have large presence in Bangalore.

“It is not very big, we belive in talent density rather than talent volume. We don’t need too many people but we need very very talented people. Our goal is to get a 100 people but the really top talented people,” said Anand Rajaraman, senior vice-president, global e-commerce, Walmart.

The company rolled down Walmart labs just few months back after it took over Rajaraman’s own venture Kosmix. Walmart labs will be focused on intersection of social, mobile and retail. Rajaraman said that the India head has been appointed but did not disclose the details.

“There are two fundamentally huge, disruptive changes that are happening. Smart phones and social media and those are the two areas we are addressing. The India team will be significant part of the team, the Walmart Labs mission is global and India team will developed for this global market. The India team should have ownership of some really key pieces of the technology we are developing,” he added.

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