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Vinod Khosla eyes impact investments in digital space in India, says “Aakash” tablet will help start-ups

Vinod Khosla - Founder - Khosla Venture

He is not afraid of failing and likes to be unreasonable while investing. And ever since Vinod Khosla started Khosla Ventures, the Sun Microsystems co-founder has displayed almost indomitable zeal and risk taking abilities. This time, a Silicon Valley capitalist is willing to make fresh investments in India and he is trying to put together a model where he can do good business and make money at the same.

Talking about investment in India, Vinod Khosla said in an interview that Internet and Mobile sector in India have got good investments from global investors. And if it continues to grow and walk with innovations, it will be more than an encouragement for investors.

However, according to Khosla there are some problems that need to be sorted out. “I believe non-capitalists solutions do not scale. NGOs mostly don’t work. There are no hard metrics for them, and they’re relatively inefficient in how they deploy capital,” said Khosla. At the same time he is hiring people to make those investments who only care about capitalist returns.

He thinks that launching Aakash could be turning point for Indian consumers in retail as well as in online business. “I think there will be a lot more of that and a lot more variety. The Aakash tablet is coming out at Rs 1,200 and that broadens access. The number of consumers who can participate in the ecosystem goes up and more start-ups can provide services to them. It’s a self-feeding eco-system that will explode in more ways than government can ever plan,” added Khosla.

Recently, Khosla Ventures recently closed a $1 billion fund, one of the biggest new venture funds this year, largely to be invested in clean technology. Khosla is keeping his cards close to his chest on fresh investments in India in coming future.  “There are clearly some very exciting possibilities, which will be coming up in India.” Khosla concluded.

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