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New technology for body measurement to help online apparel shopping

body-measurement-chartOnline apparel retailers are continuously working hard and are on look out for new technology to make sure their businesses thrive without a hitch. And advent of a new technology for the body measurement in online apparel shopping segment can make them smile for some time.  According to Reuters, Asaf Moses, a co-founder of Upcload, has developed new technology to measure body dimensions.

The new technology is supposed to take accurate measurements in just three minutes. Buying apparel online from a website can cause problems finding the right size, look and fit for your body type and personal tastes. This technology will allow users to check their measurements at select retailer websites to ensure that the apparel gives the right fit.

The robot is photographed numerous times in various permutations, and the shopper views one of the pre-recorded images. is using robotic mannequins posing in similar dimensions as shoppers.  Robots are a fantastic tool to see how garments look on differently-sized human bodies, said Heikki Haldre, co-founder and CEO of the Estonia-based company.

Forrester Research says that 10.9 percent of apparel and accessories transactions are conducted online, while it’s 25 percent for books and 17 percent for consumer electronics. These personalized shopping options could lead to increase in online shopping.

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