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After Salman Khan & Ajay Devgan, Neha Dhupia turns to ecommerce bandwagon through lingerie & shoes

Ecommerce seems to be enticing opportunity for Bollywood stars to become entrepreneurs. We have been witnessing the trend in bollywood to foray in to business through ecommerce from quite some time; most latest Neha Dhupia to join the ecommerce bandwagon.The actress will launch her own line of lingerie and shoes.

The femme fatale would launch her own line of lingerie and shoes. Throwing light on her decision Dhupia said “I am getting into e-commerce. The space interests me a lot consequently I am getting into that. There are a couple of products that I am planning to launch online,” Further, she explains, ‘I’ve always felt that shoppers are extremely shy when it comes to buying lingerie and I wanted to give them an option where they could pick up stuff without inhibitions. I always buy shoes and lingerie on my trips abroad, and felt that those who can’t should be given the option of buying it from the comfort of their own homes.’

Prior to Dhupia entry in to ecommerce, this space has caught interest of Salman Khan with Being Human, Ajay Devgan with, Vatsal Seth – including Shilpa Shetty for a group buying real estate ecommerce venture.

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