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More Indians bond strongly on social networks with brands, smart phones to lead social engagements: Neilsen

In one of the startling findings on social media users in India by Neilsen, a global information and media company revealed that the number of social media users on mobile phones are expected to exceed those accessing similar sites on personal computers in the coming year.

The finding suggests that as more Indians log on to social media sites, they also engage with brands online. The report states that brand engagement is also influential in the buying process. Of the 39 percent of consumers who consider a recommendation for a product on a social networking site when making a purchase decision, three out of four will often purchase the products based on the review.

On a scale of one to 10, where a level of 10 is the most engaged, the Nielsen Engagement Index shows that all brands cluster around a score of seven ­ regardless of whether a fan page has one or 4.5 million fans. With more and more brands focusing on social media users, Nielsen examined their levels of brand engagement.

The study reveals that one in six respondents want brands to share updates with them on new products and services. More than 53 percent want announcements on sales or discounts and 50 percent want to hear about the latest industry trends. Consumers also want brands to provide tips and tricks about how to maintain and use products (48 %), conduct a greater number of contests (42 %), resolve concerns (41 %), create more utility applications/games (35 %), and conduct more conversations (31 %).

“If brands hope to achieve active engagement with consumers as a means to drive sales, they need to converse more with consumers and build interest,” said Farshad Family, Nielsen’s Managing Director of Media in India.

The study further pointed that a larger social media community on brand pages does not equal a higher level of engagement. In the study, engagement is defined as how a consumer interacts on the brand’s page: visiting, downloading, and using an application on a page and/or sharing, commenting, and “liking” updates on a time line.

Nielsen finds that company interaction and being an aspirational brand are the two most important drivers of engagement with brands. Other key factors of engagement success include posting lively discussions and general updates, having a “hip” brand, and being “liked.”

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    Fantastic article. Got to know the insight of indian consumer expectations for the companies and inspiring Indian organizations to use Social media in marketing communications.

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