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Koolskool launches multi-channel online store for school and learning needs

It seems more entrepreneurs are set to evangelize the online stationary and learning space, recently  Suhas Dutta and  Vyom Khandelia launched, a specialised multi-channel venture, it sells books including academic textbooks, stationery, hobby and craft items, educational and various other CDs, DVDs, competitive examination material, computer supplies, games as well as sports equipment for school children. has two separate sales channels; on one channel it uses the e-commerce space and is also affiliated with schools wherein they supply books, notebooks and stationery at the beginning of the year to students. On other channel it has integrated its website into business process wherein students or their parents can also order their entire book set online and get it delivered home.

Suhas Dutta has a vast amount of experience in retail, management consulting, and IT strategy while Vyom Khadelia has worked with diverse US and Indian companies in software engineering, project management and client support functions.

Presently koolskool has a team of nine people; however they are in process to hire more people as they look to expand.

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