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Google+ Open for businesses !

google plusGoogle Inc’s new social networking  platform, Google + has allowed businesses to create their exclusive web pages, a move attempting visitors to spend more time on the website and drive Google to match the features of rival Facebook.

The Google+ Pages would allow corporate brands and businesses to create a special page within Google’s social networking service guidelines.

According to Google around 20 businesses, mainly Toyota, Pepsi and retailer Macy’s, have set created exclusive pages on the Google+ social network. The service would be available for any business organizations to get visible on Google +.

In era web 3.0 era, social networks are believed to fuel the growth of businesses across the globe through serious engagement that can invigorate and enhance the better user experience for the consumers. Businesses are increasingly using online social networks like Facebook, access new consumers and to engage effectively with loyal customers through special offers and promotions.

Since its launch, Google, the world’s No. 1 search engine, has signed up more than 40 million users on Google+. But Facebook rules the roost in social networking space with more than 750 million users.

The new Google+ brand/businesses pages will be accessible from Google’s Web search engine, including within the Google+ social networking service. In a statement Google said on Monday that users who type the plus symbol in front of a business’ name, such as “+Pepsi,” when conducting a search on its search engine, will be directly land to the business’ exclusive Google+ page.

However, Google also pointed out that “direct connect” feature is presently available for a limited number of pages, but that “many more are on the way.”

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