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Call for help as Google brings 24/7 support for business Apps customers

The costumers of Google Apps for Business will now be able get 24 x 7 round –the–clock phone support for all the core issues and services. According to Google Enterprise, the prime reason for launching the service is to achieve overall satisfaction of costumers. Earlier, customers had no option to address their issues other than through email, which was limited to critical issues.

“To improve the experience of our customers, we now provide 24 x 7 phone support to small, medium, and large Google Apps for Business customers for all issues affecting the core services. Our customers may also receive support through our web-based support portal, online help forms, and online help center. All support cases are handled directly by trained Google Apps experts,” said Jocelyn Ding, vice-president, Google Enterprise Operations.

Google Enterprise measures customer satisfaction by asking for feedback on a seven point scale at the time we close a support case. As measured on this scale, 80% of business customers and 90% of large business customers indicate that they’re more than satisfied with their support experience. “Our goal is to achieve an overall satisfaction rating of 95%,” added Ding.

This effort has led to SLA and uptime improvements, as well as enhancements such as unthreaded email and read receipts in Gmail, and a scheduled release process.

Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group said, “My firm has gone Google, but I encountered a problem with the Contacts feature. I reached out to Google Enterprise support and am very impressed with how they responded. They explained to me that they were working to address the issue, and when they were getting ready to roll out the solution, they circled back to tell me about it. Are they perfect? No, but they’re very good, and I certainly got a positive impression when I interacted with the support team. I’m confident that they know what they are doing and that they will keep getting better.”

Almost 40 million people are using the service, in four million companies, including 97 per cent of all the start-ups in Silicon Valley. The company is adding over 5,000 customers a day, and that rate has been increasing.

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