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Amazon to invest 500 crore & recruit 3,300 employees in Hyderabad

World’s largest online retailer, Amazon seems to be cementing its foothold in Indian market with its fresh proposal to invest 500 crore and hire 3,000 employees in Hyderabad. According to a report published in TOI, the announcement was made by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

“Amazon will set up its operations in Hyderabad in a two lakh sq ft facility and provide employment to 3,300 people,” said Andhra Pradesh Minister for Information Technology Ponnala Lakshmaiah, after a meeting with Amazon delegation led by Vice-president (Global Real Estate and Facilities) John Schoettler.

However, the land that was believed to be given to Amazon at Cyberabad (Hyderabad) has slipped in to legal mess from quite some time.

“It would be sorted out soon,” Lakshmaiah said. Amazon would invest Rs 500 crore over the next three years to expand its operations, the IT Minister said, adding that it would lead to creation of more jobs.

At the same time, Lakshmaiah maintained that the political turmoil in the state over the Telangana issue would not hinder investments into the state.

“Hyderabad has world-class infrastructure facilities and the government has classified IT sector into an emergency service. The arrival of Amazon is a good sign,” he added.

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