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Amazon cloud ties lead to startup investments‘s, a world largest online retailer after announcing to enter  the Indian market has been busy reaping the benefits of cloud computing services started in 2006. Currently, it is backing cloud business start-ups like -Yieldex, Sonian, Engine Yard and Animoto.

It is now estimated that if Amazen Web Service prospers according to the plan then it could become larger than Amazon’s giant online retail operations.

According to AWS sources, Amazon has a bunch of unique data sources to drive advantages in start-up investing and they are taking advantage of them. The key member in Amazon believed that the business has helped Amazon in gaining new heights. It can tell which AWS customers need a lot more of these services quickly, giving the company clues on the businesses and technologies that are gaining traction insights that VC firms do not have.

A lot of start-ups, particularly in the consumer area, leverage Amazon Web Services to get started in a cost-efficient way. They have a unique view into which businesses are getting traction because they can see what their usage is.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are part of the reason investors own Amazon shares at prices that value at almost $100 billion.

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