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61% brands on Google+ pages but no one is following: A Report

Google+ On November 7 Google announced Google+ Pages; offering brands the ability to manage their social media presence in the Google+ network. This move mimicked long-standing functionality offered by Social Networking giant Facebook.

After it’s much awaited nod for creating Google + pages for business, brands moved fast to create Google+ Pages. Here is the snapshot of the study and journey of Google + in one and half weeks

 At the time of this report 61% of the top 100 brands globally have already established Google+ Pages. This compares to 93% of the top 100 brands that have adopted Facebook Pages

Facebook n google + facts 1Adoption Fact  

  • Only Google has a Google+ page but no Facebook Page
  •  Only 12% of top 100 brands that have Google+ pages have linked to it from their homepage
  •  53% of top 100 brands link from their homepage to their Facebook Page
  •  Only Marlboro has neither a Google+ or Facebook Page

Inevitably, Google had the largest fan contingent of any brand on Google+, having attracted more than 65,000 fans. In these early days of Google+ Pages, top consumer brand stalwarts like Coke, McDonalds and Verizon had only dozens of fans, all just a shadow of the millions of Facebook fans these brands have already connected with.

Facebook & google + facts 2Follower facts

  • Over two dozen of the top 100 brands have over 1M fans on Facebook
  • No brand other than Google had more than 50,000 Google+ fans
  • Over two dozen of the top 100 brands had zero Google+ fans at the time of the report

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