“India is going to have .bharat domain name” -Govind, COO NIXI

Internet based business in India is all time high in the light of recent exuberance in the entire ecosystem. There are several efforts that are being made by organization like NIXI and ASSOCHAM to encourage the business over internet. NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) primarily incepted to care of peering of ISPs among themselves for the purpose of routing the domestic traffic within the country. Apart from it, NIXI has been making efforts to spread the penetration of internet, organizing fellowship program to encourage internet based businesses and educating citizens on safe and secure online transaction. Talking more about NIXI and its activities, Govind, COO, NIXI interacted with iamwire. Here are the excerpts of the interview

 What NIXI is doing to spread the penetration of internet in India?

NIXI is taking up various activities in order to create awareness of internet among the citizens of India. We organize workshop on uses of internet and its leverage in day to day life. Through our workshops and awareness fora we highlight how internet can bring life changing experience to common people. NIXI in collaboration with different stake holders within and outside the government are committed to create a digital ecosystem in country to promote internet.

In what ways NIXI is helping ecommerce in India?

Any ecommerce set up initially has to enroll for domain name and NIXI handles this entire process. We encourage merchants to hop on to ecommerce platform through our different initiatives. NIXI is also engaged in dissipating the myth of unsecure online transactions from the minds of people based in small cities and rural areas of the country. We organize workshops and seminars on how not to fell prey to cyber crimes like phishing and hacking while transacting online.

What is your take on online retail in India?

See ecommerce in India is in growing state and online retail is catching up well with internet savvy people. However, this is only the beginning; there is lot of retailers and brands who would feel the need of coming online. Online is a platform where merchants can showcase as many types of merchandise as they want by investing scantily. Through ecommerce any retailers or brand can have the access to the huge pool of consumers defying barriers of boundaries, language and location.  I personally feel in next 5 years the stake of online retail in overall ecommerce growth will rise significantly.

Recently, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has given the nod to go ahead with dot bharat domain name. How do you feel the impact of localization of internet in India?

It is a matter of great pleasure that India is going to have .bharat domain name. It will have immense impact on common citizens who do not know English and prefer language specific content. We are in final internal processes to register website addresses in seven regional languages — Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Telegu. The registering of website addresses in these languages will demand generation of language centric content which will empower rural and far flung areas to communicate frequently and effectively.

India has around 600 million mobile users at present. How do you see the evolvement of mobile commerce powered by such participation?

Looking at numbers of mobile users in India and its growth year by year, it seems ecommerce will be driven through mobile based transactions in time to come. Mobile based transactions will witness multiple growths as it provides great amount of convenience to the customer and enables quick transactions. However mCommerce in India is still in nascent stage but its my personal belief that it will reach its inflection point very soon.

In what ways NIXI is helping online entrepreneurs in India?

NIXI is engaging in various activities to promote usage of internet in business space. We run fellowship program under which we select 35 professionals across India. Later we provide them resources to enhance their skill and put those skills further for the development of internet based business in the country.

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