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“TV enables us to reach and expand customers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities” – Ravi Vora – VP, Marketing, Flipkart

Ravi Vora - VP Marketing - Flipkart

Gone are the days that online companies in India leverage only online medium to penetrate their reach to the masses. Ecommerce companies have been treading the path of online marketing from so many years; however in recent exuberant ecosystem ecommerce companies have switched to potent and expensive offline advertising strategy such as television. In fact, we have highlighted the trend of online companies joining the league of TV commercial in an article on iamwire – Online Companies with offline Advertising. Enquiring more about the appetite and objective of aggressive TV commercial by online companies, Iamwire caught up with Ravi Vora, VP, Marketing, Flipkart. In a brief interaction, Vora, shed light on strategies behind Flipkart’s TV commercials.

What kind of strategies drove you to go for TV commercial for Flipkart and what objectives in terms of branding and visibility you want to achieve through TV commercials?

While most consumers in Flipkart’s core target group understand the benefits of online shopping, such as selection, price and convenience, many are held back by apprehensions associated with online purchase of physical goods. These range from reluctance to divulge credit card details online to what happens if the product I receive doesn’t work as desired.

The campaign talks of some of our path-breaking initiatives like 30 day replacement guarantee, Cash on delivery and Original product warranties to address these concerns and bring those shopping offline into the online space.

Do you think TV commercials would help you to penetrate Flipkart in tier 2 and 3 cities?

Flipkart is already the leader in the e-commerce space in India. Though majority of our customers come from metros and tier 1 cities, we have seen a big rise in our customer base in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. To reach out to this large consumer base traditional mediums like TV, outdoor and print are more appropriate not only due to their reach but also the higher level of engagement they enjoy.

For how long Flipkart would be pursuing TV commercial aggressively?

We will continue with our current strategy as long as it takes to meet the broader goal of making Flipkart the most preferred destination among all the shopping options available to the Indian consumer.

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