Leverages of BPM in Order Process

Hemant Katta – Consultant


Growth in Business Process Modeling (BPM) tools and services led to an opportunity for traditional e – Retailers to manage their critical business process through BPM. This article briefed about need and advantages for Migrating Order Processing to BPM driven application

business process is an activity or set of activities that accomplish a specific organizational goal. Each activity is linked with defined set of business rules and business users who should accomplish it. It is important for every business to proliferate by means of successful execution of all business process. In today’s dynamic scenario it is important to evolve these processes to match up best output of business with deliverable. These evolution in business process commonly become bottle neck when it comes to IT implementation.

 Business Process Management (BPM) brings a smart solution for all business who led process oriented organization and their process get evolve or fine tuned more frequently over the period of time. In definition BPM is:


 “Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.”

All product based ecommerce platforms deliver their orders to customers door step through process driven supply network. This process network includes product sourcing, order Validation, order communication, product packaging, logistics assigned to final product delivery.

In traditional way of implementation order processing become rigid process and it become little hard for business team to make any change in it. Also they are very prone to human errors.  On the other BPM provides platform between IT and business people to facilitate communication. Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) and Business Process Execution language (BPEL) are easy to read and learn so that business process easily defined and implemented.

Advantages of Business Process Management (BPM) in Order Process

It is worth to repeat here that business process management is an approach to organize workflow only, above advantages are more depends on how efficiently business process are defined and drilled down to individual activities. That can achieve through combined effort of business users and tech individuals.

  •  Reduce delivery time
  •  Reduce delivery Cost
  •  Easy to manage high through put volume
  •  Easy to edit in business process
  •  Reduce human error
  •  Granular level monitoring
  •  Optimize process as required

Available formats

In current software market two readily available formats present for business process management solutions

  1. Software on premise
  2. Software as a service

Selection between two available formats can be made by estimating organization size, number of business users and number of business process to be organized. In general best practice Software as a service (Saas) format is better option for SME’s while software on premise can be looked at if you have high volume of business users.


Business Process management Life Cycle Diagram

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