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After successful stints at television and celluloid Vatsal Sheth has carved his niche in eCommerce through, an online portal that caters to the desire of Bollywood fans who vouch to own celebrities clothes and customized wardrobe. For Sheth it is passion and conviction that made him to groom as an entrepreneur.  In an exclusive interaction with iamwire Vatsal Sheth shared his thought and vision of Celebwears.

1.Tell us brief history of Celebwears?
Celebwears was started in 2009 with intent to satiate the appetite of Bollywood fans to own clothes adorned by celebrity all across the globe. I have founded Celeb Wear with Sohail Khan. On my part it was passion for digital medium that propelled me to incept Celebwears.   Celebwears has been well received nationally and internationally by the consumers. It has strong business capabilities in India as well as in abroad.

2.What motivated you to venture in to a completely different trade as you are in to film and acting?  
Being in Bollywood I have realized the urge to facilitate the aspirations of fan to own clothes and wide range of wardrobe showcased on celluloid in Bollywood films. I have always seen the demand of authentic Bollywood costumes and various accessories in India and globally. However, there was no store operating for ensuring such desires.  Apart from that I am digitally passionate and have studied computers; hence I understand the eCommerce phenomenon quite well.

3.Share your experience so far with Celebwears in terms of business and growth.
As of now Celebwears is going nicely and I am satisfied with the kind of growth Celebwears is getting. Our growth is in 3 digit figure year by year. We get fair amount of traffic on Celebwear from India as well as Indians and Bollywood fans residing abroad. So far the experience is amazing and expects that it will be continued in future.

4.Trend of online media has really picked up with Bollywood as many of the stars are tweeting and using other social networking sites like Facebook. Apart from that business model like Celebwears is also evolving. Do you feel more people from Bollywood will join this bandwagon of online retail?
I agree with the fact that the emergence of social media (web 2.0) mediums like Facebook, twitter and personal blogging have brought the Bollywood celebrities immense close to the fans. Whereas the participation of stars in eCommerce is concerned, I do feel that stars will harp on business opportunities on internet in time to come. As internet has potential to connect stars to large number of fans worldwide who can be potential buyers of particular star’s shopping line, accessories stores etc.

5.Tell us about your team size, traffic you get and target audience of Celebwears?
At present, Celebwears has same team size of 4 people with whom we have started with. However, we are looking to expand that would increase our team size’s manifold. In terms of traffic Celebwears is going great guns but I cannot share any data on this. Given the fact that Bollywood is the second largest film industry in the world and our niche buyers are hard core Bollywood fans. So we primarily target fans aged 17 to 40 in India, US, UK, Canada and other parts of world to buy our products.

6.What are your strategies for expansion of Celebwears in near future?
As I have mentioned earlier expansion is on card. We are going to open ‘brick and mortal’ model of Celebwears in New York, Los Angles, Dubai,  London and some other places. At the same time we are planning to have offline presence in Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh in India also.

7.Right now celebwear sells clothes adorned by Bollywood stars only. Are you looking to expand your categories by adding clothes of celebrities from other walks like sports, music and so on?
Of course we are looking aggressively to add celebrities from sports arena. In fact we are in process to add some bigwigs from cricket and other sports to meet the aspiration of sports driven buyers to own sports icon’s gear.

8.At any specific or planned point of time, are you looking at exit from the business or you will continue to nurture celebwear?
See, I am doing this because I am digitally passionate. I nurture Celebwears as my child and would not think of exiting it at any point of time.

9.What would be your suggestion to retailers who are willing to come online?
Achieving success on online is all about right strategies fused with focused road map.

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    Thanks alot celebwear and iamwire. I am a movie monger and had always dreamt of adorning bollywood star clothes. I am happy that now I can get these through celebwear.

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    This is a fantastic Idea which will be beneficial for celebrity as well as hobbyist. It not only saves the time but also make things easy.

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