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Speak Asia extended the launch of its Ecommerce shopping portal Yug

In the middle of all allegations including of having dubious modus operandi, Speak Asia online Pvt. Ltd is all geared to launch its German Technology based ecommerce shopping portal Yug which will primarily sell electronic product. As of now Speak Asia has 2 million panelists across pan India and SAOL is sending surveys to them at Rs 500 each along with reward points. Speak Asia is going to sell its products to its members and panelist on discounted list. The portal was assured its presence by 23rd June but now it sets to unveil on 10th July after meeting of managers and panelist in Mumbai on July 9

This news has at least cooled the nerve of millions of Speak Asians in India who have patiently been waiting for cash transfer. However, SAOL is now encouraging panelists to burn their rating points mandatory by shopping at yet to launch Yug. Under the banner of Yug, SAOL will sell of Samsung and LG products especially like LCD TVs, LED and all house hold appliances.  SAOL claims that they will sell these products cheaper than any other online portals available in market.

People can access the product line offered by Yug –Speak Asia’s new website, after that any Speak Asia members or Known as Speak Asia Panelists  can order the Products he/she can also use its reward points to purchase the Items. In the turn SAOL will also earn a huge amount of money as company will get a direct order from approx 50% panelist.

Talking on the development, Seema Chaudhary (23), a Speak Asia’s member and Delhite reiterated “Although I am happy that Speak Asians are going to get what they have been promised to but I am apprehensive that Speak Asia will be able to hit the right chords once again with Yug . My own experience is horrible with them and I don’t think they will get the same response with Yug as it was around Speak Asia.

iamwire’s take

After getting lambasted by media and Indian government, Speak Asia is now eyeing to establish its credibility once again which seems not easy for them. However, SAOL can leverage the network base it has weaved through its panelists and followers. By being pragmatic Speak Asia has good presence in tier 2 and 3 cities of India and if they will stress to address its panelist’s issues of cash transfer. Afterwards they would be strategically positioned to exploit Yug by encouraging its members and panelists to purchase its offerings.

However SAOL has done colossal damage to its reputation with its own people, there are innumerable of tweets, feedback through Facebook and complaints are casting a negative impression. Speculation hovering Yug’s virtual launch also implies lack of co-ordination and planning on management front. Meanwhile it would be interesting to witness whether Yug will cement its position in growing Indian  eCommerce market or not.

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