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Incepted in August 2009, is a one fashion store, that follows the principle of BUY FIRST & SELL LATER, in order to ensure the latest, and quality product offerings to its customers. The core differentiator of is its standardized quality deliverables, which are so influential, that they have been enhancing the credibility of the overall Indian eCommerce eco system over and over. The company’s policy to Buys First and Sells Later is unique among other online stores. purchases the products in bulk, in tune with the latest fashion trends, and stores them in their 1 lakh sq/ft warehouse facilities, before selling it to the end consumer. This is probably the most significant process that enhances Yebhi’s credibility and enables the company to maintain high quality standards and a perfect fulfilment ratio. Thus, possesses the hallmark of quality and the latest products. In terms of variety also, stands apart. The company carries a very large variety of footwear, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, bags, clutches and other fashion accessories.

However the journey was not devoid of hiccups. There were apprehensions from supplier’s side after they commenced the business, they too vanished with time. As any other nascent industry, online retail is such that it requires time to gain trust of other economic agents. Hence, one challenge was to convince major brands manufacturers and suppliers that online retail can generate large volumes. The last 10 yrs of online retail scenario had given them a perception that online retail is very small and perhaps even an insignificant channel where putting their resources may not be such a good idea. Online shopping was synonymous with surplus or sub standard inventory. This perception had to be changed, fast.

Hence to ensure credibility, Yebhi made bulk purchases of the latest fashion and style products, and ensured a comprehensive, three step stringent quality check process, before taking the products to the customers. This in turn, facilitated a smooth supply of goods and ensured dispatches within 24 hour of the order. has already crossed an important milestone of shipping 1, 00,000 Units in Single month. is a rich mix of quality and variety.  The one stop shop for fashionistas, which offers myriad category of products from apparels to footwear; travel bags to clutches; men and women accessories, jewellery et al. Nowhere in the country can you get 10,000 different products, 1400 styles of handbags, 3000 styles of shirts  / tees etc. at one stop, 4000 designs in footwear, except at possesses a strong association with over 150 prominent brands like Puma, Adidas, Redtape, Liberty, Duke, Catmoss, Karigari, J. hampstead, Woodland and Reebok, among others.

The e-commerce company substantiates its niche by following a four-step operational cycle—identifying the latest trends & demands of the products, buying those products, ensuring the quality check and finally selling them. With this kind of strong process in place, it was apparent for the company to become one of the most favorite shopping platforms in the country. It has a massive 1.5 lakh followers on its Facebook page. It proves to be a trailblazer in the e-commerce space with its impressive user interface understanding and a robust inventory and delivery model. It operates comprehensively through its unique B2C and B2B formats. boasts of a strong traction in Tier I and Tier II cities alike and promises a fulfilling entry in Tier III & IV cities as well. It adds up to 70,000 visitor everyday and its credibility can be judged from the fact that 65 percent of its customers are repeat-customers. This e-commerce site for sure is all set to redefine fashion with its unique product portfolio.

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    I have placed an order for Micromax Canvas mobile on 11th June – 2013, and its been 7 – 8 days, there is no clue about the dispatch status or anything. I have already paid the amount using my credit card and now if I call up the CC of they are saying to wait 1 – 2 days more. I am experiencing the worst service with, I am planning to go the local police now after few days if the article is not delivered.

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    i m so happy to say, services too fast and quality too awesome,
    i m impress b coz i m satisfied. so thanks to Yebhi .com

  4. 4 we were also a Apparel vendor to Yebhi earlier and now we are selling it through our own website and we are doing some real good business and is growing day by day.

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    Guys your site is horrible . I have placed an order but your site on my account shows no order placed . I’m totally terrified.and transaction / payment shows failure what a experience on first purchase

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    I recently bought an adidas sleepers from after seeing their add on TV and it was a really good experience, that was my firs online buying, i find the product quality lot better than i though and lot less in money. way to go

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    Ask guys to be responsible retailer. The price of their product on home page is 999.00 and when person goes to see the cart the price is 1999.00. Is this kind of cheating the customer by luring him with low attractive price and then charging more as it may get unnoticed when person clicks the cart.

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      Dear Customer,

      We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you. This might be due to some technical error and it will be rectified very soon. Kindly email us the item link at, so we can check and help you correctly.

      Thanks and Regards

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