Subhrangshu Neogi, Director- Brand and Corporate Communications, Religare Enterprises

Crowd sourcing has extensively been used by several brands in website designing, logo and various other activities around the globe but now a days, it is been also used in building brand. IaM Wire has talked about the use and importance of crowdsourcing in building brand with Subhrangshu Neogi, Director- Brand and Corporate communications, Religare Enterprises. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Subhrangshu Neogi, Director- Brand and Corporate communications, Religare Enterprises Limited


How crowdsourcing can be used in building brand?
Crowdsourcing is a unique way for successful companies to manage and promote their brand. It helps companies define and augment their brand in the minds of consumers through social media and crowd engagement. It is a unique approach to online collaboration, as it encourages user participation. The level of participation varies widely and is up to the user – whether the user simply clicks on a “like” icon to show support/vote for an idea, contributes a new product idea or offers expertise to design websites, logos and other tasks.
Crowdsourcing doesn’t equal automatic success for brands. To successfully include our crowd in this process, we have to be to be actively involved in the online community. Whether it’s through moderating the crowdsourcing site or providing feedback on comments/ideas, we need to give users a reason to participate. Crowdsourcing relies heavily on communication between the crowd and the company, so timely feedback and answering questions is a must. When people get a response right away, it shows them that you’re listening. Brands that listen and respond to the crowd are in a better position to develop a loyal following of people that are committed to that particular company.
How Religare has successfully implemented crowdsourcing in upscaling their brand image?
We at Religare make sure that we listen to our customer and empower them; as part of operating procedure we reply to all queries with 48 hours of it being posted on any open blog or website.  We are using social networking sites as a crowdsourcing platform. We not only create viral by posting links of articles, blogs, and videos, but they also successfully make news about the company.
We listen and proactively seed our views not enforce or push our views/thoughts unilaterally and empower consumers to interact with us on the thoughts shared with them, we act as conversation starters and provide thought impetus and don’t control consumers.
What are the leverages it can provide over other mediums of building brand?
•    It’s cheaper: Crowdsourcing is a cheaper method. It is an online process, so we don’t need to think about a meeting place, conference room etc.
•    Talents follow you: In traditional scenario, you need to search for talents that would suit your bill. But when it comes to crowdsourcing, talents themselves come to your doorstep. No matter how critical the job is, if you employ crowdsourcing, you can easily get the task done by best industry brains. Of course, you need to offer them some incentives, but the result would be higher than the costs.
•    It is relatively much more cost effective and real time consumer playback….hence outscores traditional media on these parameters
How do you see crowdsourcing is evolving with Indian enterprise and what is the potential prospect?
Crowdsourcing is definitely picking up in India. There is a huge prospect in crowdsourcing. As more and more brands start engaging with customers – existing and potential on net; this space will definitely see a huge surge.

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