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Ecommerce in India is growing with brisk pace and it is expected that in next 5 years it will prosper well. At this stage in India online shopping is catching up with consumers, however, it is sad that online retailers have not fathom the deterrent like proper attention towards addressing consumer’s issue. Type complain on Google regarding online shopping and you get hundred and thousand of complaints posted by harassed and helpless consumers. Consumers complain for various reasons which have been highlighted below:

  • Money get deducted but transaction fails and after that no attention towards customer’s money return
  • Non delivery or delay in delivering the order. After going through the complaints posted by consumers. In some cases consumers followed up with retailers indefatigably after placing the order and even after that they are not being properly listened.
  • Cancellation of deals bought by consumers without prior information to them.
  • Not functioning or tampering of the merchandises at the time of delivery
  • Difference between the promised/shown goods and actual one

Almost all leading online retailers viz Snapdeal, Flipkart, Naaptol, 99 labels, Fashion and you, Indiatimes are facing the ire of consumers because of their hapless attitude towards customer support system. Talking about the lethargic and cold attitude of Akhilesh Agarwal of Gurgaon (Haryana) said “I had bought a coupon from on 28 Dec 2010 of Hookah Makhlouf lounge valid till 28 Jan 2010, But when I went to the outlet on 3rd January the vendor told me that the deal with SnapDeal was cancelled. The snap deal team did not inform me about the cancellation of the deal and when asked for refund of the amount they said mail and wait for 7 days. It has been 45 Days Since then I have mailed them with reminders about the same and every time I got a reply saying that they will be refunded but have not received my money yet”.  However, Kunal Bahl, CEO Snapdeal said in an exclusive interview with “We ensure that each and every customer has a seamless experience after buying goods and services from our website. We also request feedback from our customers, and we strive to never leave a customer dissatisfied with our services. We have a no questions asked refund policy in case any of the customers is unhappy for whatever reason. We have QA & Audit teams in place across cities, and their primary job is to ensure that the customer experience is superior. They also train the merchant staff, so that our customers do not face any hassles while redeeming the deal at the merchant locations. Snapdeal rigorously pre-screens every merchant and even trains them weekly on things like customer feedback and best practices in service”.

This kind of horrible experience is not limited to Agarwal only; there are thousands of customers who were having troubled experience while shopping online. At present ecommerce and Indian online retail is in its nascent stage and retailers have to introspect on these burning issue and rather they should look to address this issue effectively. Consumers complain should need to be heard with greater conviction for the overall growth of online retail, retailers need to attract confidence of consumers to shop online.

Prashant Kumar (26) from Mumbai said “this is regarding my Order no-304307 with Naaptol which I ordered on 23rd March ’11. I bought it during a blowout sale, supposed to be delivered within 10days but after repeatedly contacting them for 1month they finally told me my ordered was cancelled due to unavailability of the products and that the money would be credited to my account after 3days. This was just the beginning of my ordeal because first they told me that the money was credited to my account, which they didn’t and later when I contacted them they told me that since I bought the stuffs using my debit card it was not possible to credit it to my account (which by the way is complete farce because I buy stuffs from other online shops with my debit card and I always get back the refund plus my two friends have used my debit card for buying stuffs from Naaptol which were no doubt cancelled by them for no reason with the refund money being credited to my account). SO, they told me that a cheque had been issued on 12th May but till today it has not reached me. I have contacted many times and each time they tell me that they would contact the concerned department. Naaptol said to contact them after 48hrs. I just want to know when this 48 hours will come. It’s been three months already.

Throwing the lights on consumers complaints Gaurav Awasthi, Vice President Media Sales said “We are taking this very seriously and stressing on improving through call centre where we respond to the consumers complaints in quickest time possible. Naaptol replaces products which are tampered in same category, in case if customers are not satisfied with it Naaptol also cancels the order and has a provision of 100% cashback to the customers. On the issue of delay in delivery of order Awasthi added “See there are lots of stakes involved in delivering the product like logistic, non presence of customers at given address, courier company etc, so on few occasions delivery of the product gets late. Sometimes featured products run out of inventory of vendor providing that product”

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  1. 1

    I have a poor experience with SNAPDEAL.
    1) Snapdeal never stick to delivery time.
    2) In one of recent order of laptop (order ID: 1151682419) they have not sent me the bagpack which was mentioned on the webpage. later after my complaint they have edited their webpage to remove the bagpack mentioned that they were offering.
    3) In an earlier order for nikon camera (Order Id: 1121408383) the SD card mentioned was missing.
    4) The Customer care is unapologetic for any complain, moreover when i request them to transfer the call to some senior to which i can talk they always say that their senior are busy and they don’t transfer the line.
    5) Snapdeal may b the online store offering good prices but is very poor in customer care. If they don’t care for a customer who made a purchase of more than 70,000 in last four months let me loudly tell them they won’t stay in business long.

  2. 2

    I had a recent experience of buying on

    I called up the helpline to check for a few clarifications about a TV which I wanted to purchase the details of which were not there on the website.

    I had 3 questions :

    1. Whether the TV comes with a remote control ?
    2. Whether the TV comes with a wall mounting ?
    3. Whether the TV shall be delivered along with the free Videocon Dish and HD set top box ?

    The customer service person said an emphatic yes to all the three.

    Reality was different.

    1. Remote was there in the box.
    2. Bracket was not there.
    3. No Dish etc was supplied : After many emails and telephone calls vouchers came for installation.

    Whether I will buy again on letsbuy ? Probably Not. Whether I will shop online : Maybe yes.

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