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Future Group sets Rs 1 crore of daily sales on by end of fiscal 2011-2012

Futurebazaar is expanding its digital revenue

Future Group sets Rs 1 crore of daily sales on by end of fiscal 2011-2012

Future group’s is all set to target daily sales of at least 1 crore every day by the end of the current fiscal. At the same time Future group is also targeting at least 10 percent of its total retail revenues to come from digital platforms in the next three years. At present group’s total annual turnover from all the retail formats such as Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, and eZone, is said to be INR 10,000 crore.

“We are targeting orders worth Rs one crore everyday on by the end of this financial year. The trajectory is pointing in that direction. In terms of revenue, we have grown five times this year compared to last year and expect a similar increase in the next year,” Kashyap Deorah, President, has said.

According to Deorah, had hit the Rs 1 crore sales mark in a day on few occasions in the past. “For instance during Diwali last year, we had done sales of Rs 3 crore on one single day but going ahead we want to make it a habit to register average sales of Rs one crore per day,” Deorah concluded.

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